Why You Should Add Videos To Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing is an extremely versatile subject. It can have innumerable approaches. Each day new methods of marketing are developed. However, one must carefully choose which strategies to adopt. This can heavily affect short and long-term brand growth. Since the world has turned digital, the marketing world has adapted as well. One can publish blogs, podcasts, images, and videos online to advertise their brand. Out of these, video has been experts’ favourite and it isn’t surprising.

Creating and posting videos on multiple platforms has proven to be one of the most successful modes to showcase a business. In this blog, we will list the benefits of adding videos to your marketing strategy.

Increases Connectivity

Textual blogs are fairly simple to create, they do not generate many leads. This is because blogs are more time-consuming and taxing to read. Readers have a harder time retaining information from blogs too. Audio ads are generally skipped over, or the listener tunes it out as white noise. This yields little to no result making it a low return on investment. Simple image adverts have shown results of successfully catching the viewer’s attention. Unfortunately, still, images are not enough to persuade the viewers as it has low valuable information capacity.

Video content enables marketers to connect with viewers. Since videos use both visual and audio mediums, the audience gets engrossed in the content. One can convey an abundance of information from a simple 5-minute video. Since the most preferred mode of communication is generally face-to-face, video helps replicate it most. This further boosts its ability to engage the audience. Adding aesthetically pleasing background music is a must. It can do wonders for the advertisement. A good video editor can help you to add the audio in your video”

Allows Storytelling

Everyone loves a good story. Whether it be happy, sad, angering, dreamy, or bittersweet. This is one of the top reasons the entertainment industry sells so well. The industry generates revenues worth billions of dollars every year, making it one of the most popular and sought-out industries.

Video content allows companies to share their story too. In a short amount of time, one can share an experience with their viewers. These stories have proven to be highly effective. Audiences can sympathise with, or perhaps relate to these stories. It allows them to humanise the business. This feeling is important as it reminds the potential clients that people are working hard to deliver the services or products offered. This will allow them to appreciate the brand more and they will subconsciously prefer your brand over others.

Build trust

The world of the internet has opened up millions of connection outlets. Anyone with an electronic device and internet connection can reach another user on the other side of the world. This incredible feature has its downsides too. This is because many scammers online can reach you too. Everyone is on high alert because of them. Your business must sell its reliability to potential customers.

Audio-visual content allows customers to trust you. Creating videos shows the users you find the company worth the investment. Companies creating videos with visible speakers in them have seen an increase in sales too. This is because the viewers feel connected with the human. The human interaction dissolves a substantial amount of the suspicion, allowing them to invest in your products and services.

Higher click rate

One of the main objectives of marketing is to lure customers to the website. Website analytics measure the number of times a viewer is persuaded to click on the website. In marketing terms, it is called the click-through rate. Marketers must aim to spike this rate. The higher the rate, the more convincing and attractive your advertisement is.

Creating videos is the best method to increase the click-through rate. Videos keep the audience curious to learn more. To educate themselves, they want to go to a website that will further explain the concept to them. Your link is the easiest to access at that moment. From this explanation one also learns the importance of attaching links to your advertisements. Whether posting videos on IGTV, Instagram reels, stories, Facebook feed or stories, Twitter, LinkedIn, or YouTube, one must add the website link wherever possible.


Every marketer serious about their job will know about the term SEO. But you may not be a trained marketer, so we’ll tell you about it. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a tool utilised in every search engine. This tool is extremely powerful. It optimizes or ranks web pages according to several variables. If ranked low by SEO, one could incur great losses.

The SEO scans every web page of its content and searches relevant keywords. If it lacks certain keywords, it is bumped lower. It also calculates the duration each visitor spends on it. Relatively low duration is seen as being irrelevant to users, again, pushing it down. Once a web page is ranked extremely low, it becomes extremely difficult to discover by browsing users.

However, adding video content to the web page has tremendously pushed websites to the top. SEO is known to prefer web pages with videos. It also keeps the visitors engaged for a longer increasing duration spent on the website too.

Spike in Converts

Ultimately, the goal of your advertisements should not be to simply generate leads. It is to generate leads and convert them. With no sales, a company would not be able to generate revenue. This creates unsustainable conditions for the company.

Video does precisely that. It stimulates brand awareness and sales. Videos allow customers to easily comprehend your company’s motive and the products offered. If potential customers could not understand the product, they would never purchase it.

Companies try their hardest to increase reach with minimal expenditure. This is why videos are often untouched by marketing strategies. Videos are generally more expensive than other modes of marketing. They need to record or animate footage, have aesthetic music, and concise messages. Professionals are often hired for these jobs, multiplying expenses. However, the return on investment is too good to look over. Companies looking for long-term growth must have video content in their marketing strategy. Otherwise, they may end up falling behind the competition.

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